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Table 3 Multivariate linear regression analysis to evaluate the association between T cell activation (CD38+ on CD8+ T lymphocytes) and independent variables in leishmaniasis and HIV-1 co-infected patients.

From: High levels of T lymphocyte activation in Leishmania-HIV-1 co-infected individuals despite low HIV viral load

Independent variables Dependent variable
  Percentage of CD38+ on CD8+ T lymphocytes
  Coef 1 SE 2 P
Leishmania infection
(presence or absence)
24.88 4.63 0.000011
CD4+ T cell count, cells/mm3 -0.02 0.013 0.13
Viral load levels
(detectable or undetectable)
4.12 4.85 0.39
  1. 1 Coef - Correlation coefficient, 2 SE - Standard error
  2. Obs. HIV-1 infected patients were also included in this analysis.