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Table 5 Tap water appliances, hotel X, Norway, March 2007

From: Investigation of Swedish cases reveals an outbreak of cryptosporidiosis at a Norwegian hotel with possible links to in-house water systems

Tap water appliances Use Filter Time since last filter change*
Ice machine in a small supplementary kitchen (meeting rooms' kitchen) Ice cubes for water jugs in meeting rooms 5 μm cellulose filter (Cuno Micro-Klean II, G78 B2) 18 months
Ice machine in the bar Ice cubes for drinks in the bar Directly connected to water pipe NA
Water dispensers in meeting rooms Drinking water in meeting rooms 5 μm carbon filter (Omnipure K 2520P) and <0.5 μm ceramic filter (NSF standard 42&53) 5.5 months
Water purification system in the main kitchen Bottled drinking water in the dining hall 1 μm particle filter and carbon filter, and an UV filter Changed 2–3 times a year
  1. NA, non applicable; NSF, National Sanitation Foundation; UV, ultraviolet
  2. * Recommended time to replace filters is generally 6–7 months
  3. † No controlled documentation available