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Table 1 Clinical scenarios presented to survey participants

From: Use of antimicrobial resistance information and prescribing guidance for management of urinary tract infections: survey of general practitioners in the West Midlands

Scenario A: Treatment failure in a young woman
A 20 year old lady re-attends surgery and complains that the loin pain and frequent urination symptoms reported to you the previous week had worsened despite finishing a complete course of trimethoprim (no sample was taken previously).
Scenario B: Probable uncomplicated UTI
A 43 year old woman complains of pain passing urine and frequency. She feels well otherwise and has not previously been treated for a UTI.
Scenario C: Probable UTI in an adult male
A 51 year-old man attends your surgery complaining of pain passing urine and perineal tenderness. On examination you find suprapubic tenderness and a temperature of 38.5 C is measured.
Scenario D: Possible asymptomatic UTI in pregnancy
During a routine antenatal clinic an 18 year old girl who is 20 weeks pregnant produces a cloudy urine sample. She reports no symptoms or discomfort. The urine dipstick tests positive for nitrite but negative for leukocytes and protein.
Scenario E: Catheterised asymptomatic elderly female
You visit an 82 year old female in a nursing home. She is catheterised, afebrile and has no symptoms but the staff inform you that the urine is cloudy.