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Table 2 Multivariable Cox proportional hazards regression model of recurrent UTI

From: The role of extended-spectrum cephalosporin-resistance in recurrent community-onset Enterobacteriaceae urinary tract infections: a retrospective cohort study

Variable aHR (95% CI) P value
ESC-R status 1.39 (1.01–1.91) 0.04
Prior UTIa 1.59 (1.17–2.15) <0.01
Urinary catheterb 1.59 (1.06–2.38) 0.03
Recent SNF staya 0.38 (0.19–0.77) 0.01
  1. aWithin the 6 months prior to the index UTI
  2. bCatheter in place at the time of the index UTI diagnosis
  3. Abbreviations: aHR adjusted hazard ratio, ESC-R extended-spectrum cephalosporin resistant, CI confidence interval, SNF skilled nursing facility, UTI urinary tract infection