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Table 3 Outcome of VL Test by ART Cohort Year (n = 53,074 patients)a

From: Expanded access to viral load testing and use of second line regimens in Haiti: time trends from 2010–2017

 2010 ART Cohort2011 ART Cohort2012 ART Cohort2013 ART Cohort2014 ART Cohort2015 ART Cohort2016 ART CohortTotal
Total # of patients39145863864110,81211,62910,325189053,074
 % with no test56.6%55.6%57.5%58.0%54.0%52.7%48.3%55.3%
 % suppressed29.4%30.1%28.4%28.2%32.4%32.8%36.3%30.6%
 % unsuppresseda14.0%14.3%14.1%13.8%13.6%14.5%15.4%14.1%
Among patients with initial unsuppressed result 
 # unsuppressed54984112131494158814922917468
 % re-suppressed16.4%12.0%13.9%12.6%11.6%10.9%10.3%12.4%
 % unsuppressed followed by no test50.6%55.8%57.3%57.5%61.2%64.6%70.1%59.5%
 % confirmed failure33.0%32.2%28.8%29.9%27.2%24.5%19.6%28.1%
Among patients with confirmed failure 
 # confirmed failure181271349447431366572102
 % with strong adherence47.0%46.1%47.9%43.8%43.9%40.7%49.1%44.7%
 % with weak adherence53.0%53.9%52.1%56.2%56.1%59.3%50.9%55.3%
  1. a Includes ART patients with at least 18 months of follow-up time (see Table 1 for characteristics of 53,074 ART patients). VL status is based on up to two most recent tests, and the unsuppressed group includes patients who had a single test with unsuppressed result, as well as patients who had two tests with an unsuppressed result on one or both tests