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Table 3 Multivariable analysis of factors associated with the RBPT seropositivity of participants

From: Seroprevalence of Brucella infection and associated factors among pregnant women receiving antenatal care around human, wildlife and livestock interface in Ngorongoro ecosystem, Northern Tanzania. A cross-sectional study

Variable (*P-value)Seropositive N (%)AOR95% CI**P value
Regular contact with manure (p = 0.007)
 Yes27 (14.0)3.161.27–7.830.013
 No7 (5.8)1  
Preference of raw milk (p = 0.008)
 Yes30 (13.1)3.801.23–11.690.020
 No4 (4.8)1  
Preference of raw meat (p = 0.025)
 Yes26 (14.9)2.581.14–5.810.022
 No8 (5.8)1  
Raw blood consumption (p = 0.016)
 Yes26 (14.9)2.711.15–6.350.022
 No8 (5.8)1  
  1. Key: AOR Adjusted odds ratio, CI Confidence interval * P-value according to Likelihood Ratio Tests, **P-value according to wald test