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Table 1 Characteristics of studies included in the systematic review and meta-analysis

From: Prevalence and factors associated with intestinal parasitic infections among food handlers working at higher public University student’s cafeterias and public food establishments in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

AuthorPublication YearRegionStudy AreaSample SizeQuality scorePrevalence with 95%
Solomon et al., [8]2018SNNPWolaitasodo town387640 (35, 45)
Maram et al., [9]2018OromiaHaramaya University417625.2 (21, 29)
Asires et al., [10]2019AmharaDebre Markos Prison416662 (57, 66)
Kebede et al., [11]2019AmharaWollo University200715 (10, 20)
Gezehegn et al., [12]2017TigrayAksum Town400715 (11, 18)
Mama et al., [31]2016SNNPArba Minch University378632 (28, 37)
Tefera et al., [28]2014OromiaYebu Town118544 (35, 53)
Andargie et al., [25]2008AmharaGondar Town127729 (21, 37)
Girma et al., [13]2017OromiaJimmaUniversity94633 (23, 42)
Aklilu et al., [7]2014Addis AbabaAddis Ababa University172745 (37, 53)
Abera et al., [24]2010AmharaBahir Dar Town384841 (36, 46)
Gebreyesus et al., [2]2014TigrayMekelle University307652 (47, 58)
Dagnew et al., [26]2012AmharaUniversity of Gondar200725 (19, 31)
Desta et al., [14]2014SNNPHawassa University272521 (16, 25)
Wadilo et al., [32]2016SNNPWolaitasodo town288534 (28, 39)
Alemu et al. [23]2019AmharaChagni town400615 (11,18)
Kumma et al. [30]2019SNNPWolaitasodo university233524 (18, 29)
Demis et al. [27]2019AmharaWoldia university256717 (12, 21)
  1. SNNP Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People