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Table 1 Participant characteristics by viral load status, North West Province, South Africa, 2014a

From: The role of drug resistance in poor viral suppression in rural South Africa: findings from a population-based study

 Not Suppressed
(≥ 5000 copies/ml)
wgt n = 7981
(<  5000 copies/ml)
wgt n = 4976
wgt %95% CIwgt %95% CIP-value
Age group
 18–29 Years22.2(11.4–38.7)19.0(9.2–35.1)0.868
 30–39 Years45.0(31.0–59.9)42.7(28.1–58.7) 
 40–49 Years32.8(22.1–45.6)38.3(24.5–54.4) 
 Primary or Less30.2(20.3–42.4)35.3(21.6–52.0)0.759
 Some Secondary39.3(30.0–49.5)39.8(28.0–53.0) 
 Completed Secondary30.5(22.2–40.2)24.8(13.2–41.8) 
Prior knowledge of HIV serostatusb
 Known Positive54.2(41.7–66.1)86.0(68.6–94.6)0.005
ART initiationb
Time on ARTb
  < 1 year23.4(14.4–35.9)13.8(7.4–24.3)0.134
 1–3 years42.9(29.4–57.5)33.7(18.7–52.8) 
  > 3 years33.7(21.9–48.0)52.5(30.8–58.5) 
Analytes foundc
 Yes33.3(25.3–42.4)75.5(57.9–87.4)< 0.001
CD4 category (Pima)d
  ≤ 350 cells/μL57.8(42.8–71.5)28.2(15.7–45.2)0.018
  > 350 cells/μL42.2(28.6–57.2)71.9(54.8–84.3) 
  1. aWeights account for sampling, non-response, and age/sex of target population
  2. bBased on self-report
  3. cAssessed for EFV, LPV, NVP
  4. dAmong those for whom Pima CD4 results were available
  5. eRespondents may be mis-reporting status, be elite controllers, or on ART without understanding of their condition [35]