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Table 1 Distribution of antimicrobial use, individually or by class, expressed in percentages, DOT and LOT per 1000 patient-days (pd), and the DOT/LOT ratio, by hospital ward, 2018

From: Use of monitoring indicators in hospital management of antimicrobials

Variables Wards
Use of antimicrobials (%) 38.0a 42.0b 62.0c(a) 64.0d(a) 86.0e(ab) 0.000*
Number of prescriptions (%)       
 First-generation cephalosporins IV/PO 49.4a(bce) 3.9b 1.4c 34.5d(bc) 9.6e 0.000*
 Fluoroquinolones IV/PO 20.5a 14.2b 11.2c 3.6d(abe) 13.7e 0.000*
 Carbapenems IV 1.7a 11.6b(a) 8.8c 6.3d 19.6e(ad) 0.000*
 Third-generation cephalosporins IV 6.5a 14.8b(ae) 8.5c 9.2d 4.1e 0.011*
 Metronidazole IV/PO 10.1a 5.8b 1.7c(ae) 6.3d 11.3e 0.001*
 Cefepime IV 0.8a 10.3b(a) 15.6c(a) 6.0d 7.2e 0.000*
 Clindamycin IV 9.1 7.1 5.1 2.1 7.6 0.102
 Antifungals IV/PO 0.2a 7.1b(a) 16.0c(ad) 4.5d 6.9e 0.000*
 Glycopeptides IV 1.1a 6.5b 3.4c 3.0d 10.7e(acd) 0.001*
 Azithromycin IV/PO 0a 2.6b 9.5c(abe) 6.3d(a) 1.7e 0.000*
 Penicillins1 IV/PO 0.2a 10.3b(ae) 3.4c 8.3d(ae) 1.0e 0.000*
 Co-trimoxazole IV/PO 0a 3.2b 10.9c(abe) 3.6d(a) 3.1e 0.000*
 Aminoglycosides IV 0.4a 2.6b 4.4c 6.5d(a) 3.4e 0.017*
ID LOT/1000pd 300a 262b 470c(ab) 382d(b) 753e(abcd) 0.000*
ID DOT/1000pd       
 Fluoroquinolones IV/PO 108a 57b 71c 28d(ae) 147e 0.001*
 First-generation cephalosporins IV/PO 123a(bc) 6b 6c 94d(bc) 73e(bc) 0.000*
 Carbapenems IV 11a 43b 84c(a) 40d 368e(abd) 0.000*
 Third-generation cephalosporins IV 43 57 64 61 35 0.519
 Cefepime IV 8a(ce) 32b 95c 47d 114e 0.000*
 Metronidazole IV/PO 56a 12b(e) 8c(ade) 59d 119e 0.000*
 Antifungals IV/PO 1a(ce) 24b 83c 40d 118e 0.000*
 Co-trimoxazole IV/PO 0a 4b(c) 121c(ab) 25d 72e(a) 0.000*
 Clindamycin IV 47 28 37 12 73 0.099
 Glycopeptides IV 8a 25b 36c 10d 183e(abcd) 0.000*
 Aminoglycosides IV 6 16 32 34 83 0.055
 Penicillins1 IV/PO 1a 35b(a) 18c 38d(ae) 13e 0.000*
 Azithromycin IV/PO 0a(cd) 10b(c) 40c 31d 23e 0.000*
ID DOT/LOT ratio 1.4a 1.3b 1.5c 1.4d 2.0e(abcd) 0.000*
  1. ID Incidence Density, SUR Surgical Clinic, MED Medical Clinic, PNE/INF Pneumology/Infectology, PED Pediatrics, ICU Intensive Care Unit
  2. 1Penicillin/penicillin with beta-lactamase inhibitor
  3. a,b,c,d,eStatistical differences per line (Bonferroni *p < 0.05)