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Table 1 Characteristics of the participating RSV GOLD III - ICU Network study sites in low- and lower-middle-income countries

From: Describing global pediatric RSV disease at intensive care units in GAVI-eligible countries using molecular point-of-care diagnostics: the RSV GOLD-III study protocol

City, Country Hospital Number of PICU Beds Number of HDU Beds Number of NICU beds Estimated annual number of children < 2 years admitted to PICU / HDU / NICU with severe acute respiratory infection Respiratory season
Zaria, Nigeria Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital NA 32* 8 155 April–November
Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan Balkh regional hospital 35 NA 8 650 October–March
Banjul, The Gambia Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital NA 20 37 100 October-May
Khartoum, Sudan Jafar Ibn Auf Specialized Hospital for Children 8 9 16 100 December-May
Kathmandu, Nepal Kanti Children’s Hospital 12 8 16 130 July-March
Kathmandu, Nepal Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital 4 6 8 32 July-March
Douala, Cameroon Laquintinie Hospital Douala 20 NA NA 180 September-January
Accra, Ghana Korle Bu Teaching Hospital 6 18 50** 70 June-November
Maputo, Mozambique Maputo Central Hospital 21 NA 70** 85 March-August
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Muhimbili National Hospital 13 NA 19** 270 December-May
Port-au-Prince, Haiti Saint-Damien Hospital 10 NA 16** 40 August-January
  1. PICU pediatric intensive care unit, HDU high dependency unit, NICU neonatal intensive care unit, NA not available
  2. *Emergency unit serves as HDU
  3. **No recruitment