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Table 4 Unidimensionality test for all 2-PL IRT models

From: Development and validation of a structured survey questionnaire on knowledge, attitude, preventive practice, and treatment-seeking behaviour regarding dengue among the resident population of Sabah, Malaysia: an exploratory factor analysis

Model Items P
1 All items in the knowledge section 0.01
2 Excluding 2 items that are too difficult and with low discrimination and poor item fit: K1.9 and K6.8 0.01
3 Excluding 7 items that are too easy or too difficult and with poor item fit: K1.4, K1.9, K5.1, K6.2, K6.5, K6.8, K10 0.01
4 Excluding 9 items with low discrimination and with poor item fit:nK1.9, K1.10, K1.11, K1.15, K1.16, K1.17, K6.3, K6.8, K10 0.01
5 Excluding all 25 items with poor item fit: K1.4, K1.5, K1.6, K1.7, K1.8, K1.9, K1.10, K1.11, K1.14, K1.15, K1.16, K1.17, K3.1, K3.2, K5.1, K5.2, K5.3, K5.4, K6.2, K6.3, K6.5, K6.7, K6.8, K8.1, K10 0.63
6 Including 19 items with good item fit + 6 items with poor item fit but with acceptable difficulty and discrimination and considered important: K1.1, K1.2, K1.3, K1.12, K1.13, K2, K3.3, K4.1, K4.2, K4.3, K4.4, K6.1, K6.4, K6.6, K7, K8.2, K8.3, K8.4, K11 + K5.1, K5.2, K5.3, K5.4, K6.7, K8.1 0.29