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Table 4 Phenotypic susceptibility, molecular tests and antimicrobial therapy of patients with death related to BSI

From: Clinical relevance of molecular identification of microorganisms and detection of antimicrobial resistance genes in bloodstream infections of paediatric cancer patients

Episode Underlying disease Method Phenotypic susceptibility Resistance gene Antimicrobial therapy
Phenotypic Molecular Cefepime Meropenen Vancomycin Period 1 Period 2
5 AML E. coli Negative Resistant Susceptible NA Neg Modified Adequate
31 Other C. tropicalis Candida spp. NA NA NA NA Adequate Adequate
46 Wilms’ tumour P. aeruginosa P. aeruginosa Resistant Resistant NA bla SPM Modified Inadequate
56 ALL C. lusitanae Negative NA NA NA NA Modified Inadequate
58 ALL P. aeruginosa Negative Resistant Resistant NA Neg Modified Adequate
69 RMS E. faecium Enterococcus spp. NA NA Resistant vanA Modified Inadequate
  1. ALL acute lymphoid leukaemia, RMS Rhabdomyosarcoma, Neg negative, NA not applicable