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Table 4 Trend of Second-Line Regimen Switching, by Year from 2010 to 2017 (n = 53,074)a

From: Expanded access to viral load testing and use of second line regimens in Haiti: time trends from 2010–2017

Total # of active ART patients3913894316,00324,09931,07735,61032,36329,077
# of switching patients213258295306373344279
% of patients switched0.54%0.36%0.36%1.22%0.98%1.05%1.06%0.96%
# of switching patients with unsuppressed VL status000224883171230
% of patients switching with unsuppressed VL status0007.46%15.69%22.25%49.71%82.44%
  1. a Among ART patients with at least 18 months of follow-up time (see Table 1 for characteristics of 53,074 ART patients). Year 2017 includes data from January –September (9 months) only. VL status refers to status prior to switching