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Table 3 The characteristics for various predictors of ICU-admission in CAP patients

From: Efficacy of the quick sequential organ failure assessment for predicting clinical outcomes among community-acquired pneumonia patients presenting in the emergency department

VariablesAUC (95% CI)S.EPCut offSensitivitySpecificityPPVNPVLR+LR-
Lac0.745 (0.712–0.776)0.022< 0.0012.364.3775.1843.387.32.590.47
PCT0.641 (0.605–0.676)0.023< 0.0011.050.0073.9837.282.81.920.68
WBC0.563 (0.527–0.599)0.0270.01918.4828.1685.2136.879.51.900.84
CRP0.721 (0.687–0.753)0.023< 0.00144.0159.7775.5342.886.02.440.53
qSOFA0.712 (0.678–0.745)0.021< 0.0011.070.1165.3238.
SOFA0.744 (0.711–0.775)0.021< 0.0016.067.2468.8439.887.32.160.48
CURB-650.705 (0.671–0.738)0.022< 0.0013.044.2585.7448.783.43.100.65
  1. Lac lactate, PCT procalcitonin, WBC white blood cell, CRP C-reactive protein, qSOFA quick sequential organ failure assessment, SOFA sequential organ failure assessment, CURB-65 confusion, urea, respiratory rate, blood pressure and age