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Table 4 HAI sites in the elderly

From: Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of healthcare-associated infection in elderly patients in a large Chinese tertiary hospital: a 3-year surveillance study

HAIs siteInfection casesPercentage %
Lower respiratory tract infections80242.7
 Pneumonia (non-VAP)57130.4
Urinary system infections27714.7
Blood stream infections27014.4
Digestive system infections18910.1
 Antibiotic-associated diarrhea1216.4
Surgical site infections683.6
Skin and soft tissue infections492.6
Upper respiratory tract infections402.1
Oral infections341.8
Central nervous system infections311.7
Other infections1206.4
  1. CAUTI catheter-associated urinary tract infection, CLABSI central line-associated bloodstream infection, HAIs healthcare associated-infections, VAP ventilator-associated pneumonia