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Table 2 Bivariate analysis of factors associated with Brucella seropositive

From: Seroprevalence of Brucella infection and associated factors among pregnant women receiving antenatal care around human, wildlife and livestock interface in Ngorongoro ecosystem, Northern Tanzania. A cross-sectional study

VariableFrequencySeropositive N (%)cOR95%CIP-value
Regular contact with manure
 Yes19227 (14.0)2.7(1.12–6.33)0.022
 No1217 (5.8)1  
Contact with animal placenta
 Yes21029 (13.8)3.1(1.18–8.37)0.017
 No1035 (4.9)1  
Washing animal at home
 Yes20120 (10.0)0.8(0.37–1.59)0.487
 No11214 (12.5)1  
Preference for fresh milk
 Yes22930 (13.1)3.0(1.03–8.83)0.036
 No844 (4.8)1  
Preference for raw meat
Preference for raw animal blood
 Yes17426 (14.9)2.9(1.26–6.57)0.009
 No1398 (5.8)1  
Sharing water source with animal
 Yes16018 (11.3)1.1(0.53–2.21)0.822
 No15316 (10.5)1  
  1. Key: cOR Crude odds ratio, CI Confidence Interval, P-value according to Pearson Chi-Square test