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Table 2 Resistance by ART Status and drug class, North West Province, South Africa, 2014a

From: The role of drug resistance in poor viral suppression in rural South Africa: findings from a population-based study

 Analyte PositivecART experienced,b analyte negativeART naïvebTotal
Percent95% CIPercent95% CIPercent95% CIPercent95% CI
Genotype resultwgt na = 2643wgt na = 677wgt na = 4623wgt na = 7943
 No resistance24.414.4–38.349.010.7–88.472.655.2–85.154.643.4–65.4
 Any resistance21.39.1–42.451.111.6––15.515.18.2–26.3
 Genotyping failure54.335.4––40.730.320.3–42.6
Resistance - among those genotypedwgt na = 1209wgt na = 677wgt na = 3650wgt na = 5536
 No resistance53.430.0–75.749.010.7–88.492.081.0–96.978.364.3–87.9
 Any resistance46.624.6–––18.921.712.1–35.7
Drug class resistancewgt na = 564wgt na = 346wgt na = 291wgt na = 1201
 Single class
  NRTI only0.
  NNRTI only0.073.127.9––92.936.317.7–60.2
  PI only0.012.21.4–58.611.51.2––25.7
 Dual class
  1. aWeights account for sampling, non-response, and age/sex of target population, bBy self report, c Assessed EFV, LPV, NVP